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    Purchasing Fractal Art

    All of the art on this website is available for purchase. Loose, matted, or framed prints of the highest quality archival standards are available on photographic and watercolor paper, and artist's canvas. One of the most remarkable aspects of fractals is that they can be printed in enormous sizes without losing resolution. Whereas there are limits to the size to which a photograph can be enlarged before it starts degrading into graininess or fuzziness, fractal structure contains infinite detail which can be rendered and printed with incredible sharpness at literally any size.

    The options don't end there, though. The nature of fractal art is that it can be printed on any substrate that can be used with current digital printing technology: other paper products such as notecards, custom invitations, books, and calendars, as well as more eclectic surfaces like cloth, metal, and ceramic tile.

    This versatility in size and substrate make it impossible to list every option available. It is impractical, as well, for me to try to guess or maintain even a minimum inventory of desirable prints, so each order will be custom-made to your specifications and needs. I do have a limited inventory of beautifully matted and framed fine art prints left from previous art shows and gallery exhibitions which I plan to offer for sale online. Eventually I will have e-commerce set up that will allow you to purchase those works and other products directly from this website.

    I have a collection of already matted and framed pieces from my traveling art show days that is currently available at discounted prices. Please visit my shop to see the current inventory. Or if you would like to purchase a custom work, please contact me for further information.