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Lesson 1 – Page 7:


[A note about homework: These exercises are the same required by the original online course. They're designed to give you extra practice working with the formulas and techniques discussed in each lesson. While no one will be grading or checking your images in this e-book version, working through these exercises is highly recommended!]

    Using the Default Mandelbrot parameter set from Page 5, zoom deeply into each of the three major valleys marked on this Map of the Mandelbrot set:

Figure 20

    In each of these valleys, find two separate midgets (remember to look in areas where spiral structures intersect). Position the midget in your image in such a way that it shows some of the surrounding fractal structure (as in Figures 17-19) but don't apply any additional coloring formulas, transforms, change the gradient, or add any layers.

    Make sure you increase the maximum iterations as necessary to make each midget's coastline more detailed (less smooth), and to fill in the center of any spirals.

    Be brave and explore different areas of the three valleys – Scepter, Seahorse, and Elephant – looking for unique and interesting structure. If you get lost, you can always Undo your way back to familiar territory and try again.

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