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  • Jani 2.0

    One of my recent posts was titled, "A new beginning...again..." but that was just an announcement that this website was in the midst of a long-overdue renovation. Now this post is really about a new beginning. 

    If you haven't been around for all of them, the phases of my life, so far, have been:

    • Jani -- the formative years 
    • Janet 1.0 -- working, teaching, learning, creating, and a lot of searching
    • and now, Jani 2.0 -- enjoying life and becoming more? 

    What's next for me? I have lots of options and ideas, but also the luxury of pausing, taking a breath, and listening to the universe as I figure out in what direction(s) I want to go. 



    Stay tuned for more!

    Category: News