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    January 20, 2024
    When I first became aware of fractals, in the Fall of 1996, I was immediately intrigued and began exploring everything I could find about them on the internet. I downloaded FractInt, the best fractal generation software of that time, and learned a bit about how to use it, but my computer was really too slow to do much…
    Exploring new techniques: Translucence
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals, Style and Process, watercolor
    November 16, 2023
    When I first set out to update and re-style this website, I knew I wanted a different kind of home page from the one I had for many years. This was, for many years, my previous entrance page, with image rollovers linked to the various sections of the site: 
    My Creative Process and A New Site Design
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals, Website
    November 16, 2023
    An image isn't complete until I've tweaked and re-tweaked every option!
    Workflow: Endless Tweaking
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals, Style and Process
    August 30, 2023
    Words to live by
    Trust the Universe!
    Tags: Creativity, Janiism
    May 19, 2023
    One of my recent posts was titled, "A new beginning...again..." but that was just an announcement that this website was in the midst of a long-overdue renovation. Now this post is really about a new beginning. 
    Jani 2.0
    Tags: Creativity
    July 26, 2014
    A good friend gave me some unsolicited advice this week: "Pay more attention to your muse. No one likes a jealous muse."
    Relationship advice
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals
    June 8, 2012
    A video of my creative process.
    The Making of Deziris
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals, Style and Process
    May 30, 2010
    Fractal art as ballet costuming.
    Merge mode: Dance
    Tags: Creativity, Dance, Fractals
    October 12, 2007
    Exactly how does one make art solely from mathematical formulas? Here's a basic and non-technical walk-through of the process of creating fractal art from mathematical formulas.
    Creating fractal art from math
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals, Style and Process
    September 28, 2006
    My work is composed primarily of computer generated, mathematically-inspired, abstract images which powerfully reflect the beauty of mathematics that is often obscured by dry formulae and analyses.
    Fractal Art
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals
    January 25, 2003
    © 2003 Janet Parke
    Fractal Art: A Comparison of Styles
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals
    April 17, 2000
    © 2000 Janet Parke
    Fractal Art: A Deliberate Approach
    Tags: Creativity, Fractals